Pan-African Women COVID-19 Response

As #FEMNET Member, #RFLD joins FEMNET to push for #progressive #policies. This pandemic has unsurfaced #inequalities, systemic barriers that have been at the core of the struggle of women’s rights organizations. Let us ensure that the recovery of the crisis is #gender #responsive

The world today is faced with an unprecedented health pandemic – coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). More than two million people have been confirmed to have contracted the virus and more than 150,000 people have died from it. The outbreak started in China in December 2019 and spread at an alarming speed across Asia, Europe, America. It is now spreading rapidly across Africa with South Africa, Egypt and Morocco recording the most COVID-19 cases. While the pandemic is seen as a ‘health issue’, its management and impact has critical economic, social and political and psychological consequences.

Whilst everybody is definitely affected by the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic, the reality of its impact on the wellbeing of women and girls, not only in Africa but globally calls for a special response. As is our primary mandate, FEMNET has been working on and advocating for a gender conscious feminist approach towards fighting the war against COVID-19. With debt ridden economies, weak health systems, engrained patriarchal systems, social inequalities and an uncouth political elite class, Africa is set to experience the devastating impact of COVID-19.

As the rule of thumb, women, girls, children, people with disability, urban poor, elderly, sexual minorities and other vulnerable groups are already suffering the brunt of this pandemic. As a pan-African feminist membership organization, FEMNET is set to monitor, coordinate and support its members, women and girls in Africa in containing the spread of the virus, and reducing the impact while extending solidarity with those in the front line and mostly impacted.

FEMNET will work collectively with its partners to push for progressive policies and secure a new social contract in response to COVID-19 and beyond.


The main objective of the FEMNET COVID-19 response is to coordinate and support African women and girls in their response towards COVID-19 while influencing public policies and state response to the pandemic. Specifically, the FEMNET COVID-19 response aims to:

1. Femininize response plans and ensure government responses address intersectional oppression.

2. Advocate for and influence provisions of SRHR services and Gender Based Violence interventions for women, girls and non-binary persons during subsequent lockdowns.

3. Propose and influence the formulation and subsequent implementation of economic response and recovery policies at national, regional and global levels.

4. Infuse real-time mechanisms to assess and monitor the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 to African women and girls in all their diversity and share timely, reliable and authoritative information and analysis on COVID-19.

5. Mobilize and coordinate women’s rights organizations, feminist movements, women human rights defenders gender equality and social justice activists response in its multidimensional diversity to strengthen the networks and build greater solidarity for transformative sustainable interventions

Contact Persons

Mwanahamisi Singano – FEMNET COVID19 Response Lead, +254729998200

Yvonne Ndirangu – FEMNET COVID19 Digital Communication Lead, +254702998738

Memory Kachambwa – FEMNET Executive Director +254701126520

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