Partnership between the US Embassy in Benin and RFLD to foster youth participation with special focus on young women through participative democracy & ensure inclusion in Benin

The US Embassy in Benin has awarded a grant to Réseau des Femmes Leaders pour le Développement (RFLD) to improve the understanding of democratic participation, civic engagement, non-violent communication, and social advocacy for inclusion in Benin.
The main goal of the project is to strengthen the voice and participation of young people and women in governance through advocacy, participation and inclusion in the democratic process.
The Specific Goals are to: (1) Increase and strengthen disabled people, young women and girls participation, commitment, leadership and partnerships; (2) Improve understanding of participatory democracy; (3) Strengthen the capacities of Beninese civil society to hold government accountable and advance gender equality.

Project activities will be conducted in twelve (12) departements: Atacora, Donga, Borgou, Alibori, Atlantique, Littoral, Mono, Couffo, Ouémé, Plateau, Zou, and Collines.
This project will use ADEMO (Ateliers de la Démocratie) “Civics 101” materials to empower women and young people by educating and building skills and knowledge to become contributors and engaged citizens. The project will give special attention to the importance of gender equality and gender mainstreaming. 
Through the project, the existing opportunities are: Build an operational force – Include women and disabled people in order to listen to them to understand their needs and aspirations – Call on the authorities in relation to their needs and aspirations – Integrate the action coalitions of the equality generation into Civil Society Organizations.

This project will, through the inclusion of women, youth and local and religious leaders, strengthen the voice and participation in activities through advocacy and inclusion in intercultural dialogue as well as strengthen skills development for sustainability in creating social cohesion within communities. 
The project will target CSOs, including youth organisations, women’s human rights organizations and movements, media organizations, academics, research institutions, State Organs (Ministries, Court, and Parliament) and Town Halls.

For more information, please contact RFLD Secretariat at or +22962537480.

Mr Romaric Mouftaou, Program Support Specialist – US Embassy Benin at
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