RFLD joins the Consortium for the Promotion of Human Rights, Civil Liberties and Media Development (CHARM)

Le Consortium for the Promotion of Human Rights, Civil Liberties and Media Development (CHARM) in Sub-Saharan Africa is working collectively to nurture civil society, human rights defenders, independent media, and journalists in the region, by supporting actions to protect and expand freedoms to speak out, organise, and take action.

Through CHARM, partners are working across sub-Saharan Africa to advance democratic and free societies, with a focus on countries where civil liberties are hampered, while there are still pockets of resistance that can be supported to strengthen human rights and democratic freedoms. Through its main objectives which include strengthened advocacy, inclusive and diverse counter-narratives, building coalitions that encourage coordination and joint action, and improving access to resources to build civil society capacity and media to resist restrictions on civic space.

The Consortium is made up of Defend Defenders, Wits Journalism, Civil Rights Defenders, Fojo Media Institute, Magamba Network, and the Network of Women Leaders for Development (RFLD), and CIVICUS. CIVICUS is providing coordination to the Consortium to Promote Human Rights and Media in Africa (CHARM). The Consortium is funded by theSwedish Agency of International Cooperation for Development (SIDA).

These partnerships promote enabling environments and sustainable sources of journalism and civic engagement, enabling media and civil society to provide citizens with the information, analysis and support they need to exercise their human rights and civic freedoms. .

As a Member of the Consortium, RFLD will implement activities in the following countries: Benin, Togo, Nigeria, Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, Niger, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

For more information on the consortium, contact:


President: AGUEH Dossi Sekonnou Gloria

Secretariat email: admin@rflgd.org


For the Coordination of CHARM

Shupikai Gwabuya

Networks and Engagement Coordinator (CHARM)

Email: shupikai.gwabuya@civicus.org


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