RFLD Compendium on Climate Justice



This document was designed and produced by the Network of Women Leaders for Development (NWLD).

Its content is the sole responsibility of the RFLD.

Thanks to our partner BLACK FEMINIST FUND

This manual focuses on building coalitions that encourage coordination and joint action, and ensure solidarity in the face of water inequalities and climate justice violations; and improving access to resources that strengthen the capacity of civil society and the media to challenge narratives and build solidarity for just and democratic control of water.

Several women, local authorities, and NGOs were interviewed in 8 countries during the data collection for this manual.

For women, lack of access to water means increased burdens of time and care for activities such as cooking, cleaning, and growing food, both in the domestic and productive spheres. The violent reality of water scarcity directly affects African women and their communities. Given the violent realities of African women due to neoliberal water policies and practices, it is not surprising that African women are at the forefront of organizing around water justice.

The names of the interviewees have been changed to protect their identities.


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