TV show “Women, let’s talk about it”

During the year 2022, the RFLD will record each Month a TV Show (accessible on Digital Channels) on a Theme related to the Rights of Women and Girls. This initiative is implemented to break taboos, provide information to equip women and girls, advocate for state decision-makers, and highlight the best practices of women and girls at the local and regional level.

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The 1st TV show was recorded on Saturday January 29, 2022 at RFLD headquarters.

For the Month of February, the Program was recorded as part of the Day international zero tolerance with regard to female genital mutilation. Seven (7) Women Leaders were on our Stage. It is :

  • Mrs Florence ENIAYEHOU, Gender Peace/Security Consultant and Elected Communal
  • Mrs. Lucrèce AVAHOUIN, President of the NGO BIOWA
  • Mrs. Bella ZEVOUNOU, President of WOLSI
  • Mrs. Laurence AHISSOU, Director of SID NGO
  • Mrs. Sylvana AYIHONSI, Director of AGROMEC
  • Mrs. Eulodie HODONOU, President of WAP
  • Madame Agathe Gemma TODJINOU, Municipal elected official and Professor of Rights

Make the appointment… The program will be broadcast on Sunday February 06 and shared with you. Check out the Gallery of the 1st TV Show below: